Small churches are so many!

No, this is not the problem.

I wish we had more life-giving, Jesus-centred small churches.

The problem is that the issues experienced in small churches are anything but small.

In fact, the small size of these churches makes virtually everything that happen therein assume ‘a big deal’ impact of a sort.

Thus, pastors and volunteers in small churches face real issues that require real solutions.

To this end, we at smallchurchrealities strive to sharpen the insight of pastors and volunteers by providing perspectives on issues peculiar to small churches and the so-called micro faith communities. We also seek to provide them with that never-enough and always-required commodity called ‘encouragement’.

We certainly do not claim to have all the answers.

What we often attempt to do is to ask the right questions with the hope that your sanctified mind would be challenged to find the right solution to the situation in your context.

Also in the trenches

Dr Joe Obisesan is a small church pastor.

He leads HillCity Church Ellenbrook in Western Australia.

He also practises as a medical practitioner.

Having served in a couple of small churches over the years to support lead pastors, and having planted and led one for the last 8 years, he comes with a mix of rich experience and insight into issues that confront small churches which unfortunately often seek to limit the kingdom influence that they bring to bear in their communities.

The passion to play a role in the task of getting the ‘dross removed from the silver’ in the life of leaders within small faith communities was what led to starting a podcast.